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With greater access to capital, technology, talent, big data and networks than at any other time in history, entrepreneurs exert an inordinate influence on our world. They have the power to shape our economies, our work, our leisure, and our values. Sadly, not all that cultural power has been stewarded for human flourishing and Kingdom impact.

How can we, as Christ-followers, seek to make a difference in this space?

We are looking to invest in Christian tech founders who want to build redemptive missional companies. Specifically, we are looking for entrepreneurs who:

  • Are spiritually mature, culturally astute, and in community with fellow believers.
  • Are running innovative early-stage tech ventures with at least a minimum viable product and path to profitability.
  • Are intentional about using their ventures to live out the truth and beauty of the gospel.
  • Have a desire to collaborate within the Body of Christ and use their technology to support frontier missions work if possible.

What can you expect from us as an investor?

  • We will treat you, the entrepreneur, as more valuable than your venture. Instead of deploying you as an instrument to create wealth or even impact, we seek to relate to you from our earliest interactions as a person made in God’s image and will seek to deepen our relationship with you as we become more involved in your venture. 
  • We will look for ways to love and serve you irrespective of our financial interest, recognising that founding a venture can be a lonely and challenging activity that provides extraordinary opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, as well as real dangers.
  • We seek to help you avoid the exploitative, master the ethical, and pursue the redemptive in your dealings with us, as well as through your venture as a whole.
  • We will prayerfully accompany you in ways that bring lasting personal transformation for you and for us, whatever the outcome of our investment.

Get in Touch!

If you are an entrepreneur and our investment framework resonates with you, feel free to reach out to us. If you are interested in journeying with us to invest in redemptive missional entrepreneurs, we would also love to hear from you. You can email us at to arrange a call.

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